Unknown (Jaume Collet-Serra, 2011)


Lucía and Jun-Dai at home on 15 September 2012.

I suppose Unknown was designed for comparison with Taken. For the sort of movie they’re aiming to be, Unknown is not quite as good as Taken. But it was still exactly the sort of stupid thriller we were in the mood for. The film’s premise is a variation on Total Recall (using bang-on-the-head amnesia in place of a science fiction memory alteration).

Probably the weakest spot on the film is the execution of the actual assassination attempt. It’s easy enough to suspend disbelief and be entertained by the rest of the film, but for some reason when Gina decides to go and ineffectually defuse her bomb, risking both the mission and her life for what seems to be a sudden concern about her traceability (since she would have been just as traceable had everything gone according to plan), the WTF? that results in my head is large enough to interrupt the narrative flow. Not much is missed, however, since the film has gone into full-speed wrap-up mode. The film basically ended once the hotel manager sounded the alarm.

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