Harry Potter 1–8 (various, 2001–2011)


Lucía and Jun-Dai at home over the Christmas holidays.

Okay, so we didn’t actually watch all eight. Having seen the first and third ones already, we skipped those.

For all its fun, the Harry Potter series leaves a few questions in my mind. Was the whole story largely contained within the world of the UK, or was it meant to be a global matter? We see at one point a glimpse of a larger magical world when the French and Russian schools some to compete in the Goblet of Fire context, but then there’s no further glimpse of that world in the rest of the series. Is the Ministry of Magic a body that governs the magical world in the UK, or is it a body that governs the magical world around the globe (in which case why does it seem to consist solely of British people?)?

Also, what’s with the house elves? There’s a bit of fuss when Harry frees Dobby, but partly because this is largely unheard of in the magical world. When he inherits Sirius Black’s house he seems to inherit Kreacher with it, but he makes no effort to free him. I’m not really sure what to make of this weird form of slavery endorsed in the Harry Potter world.

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