Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón, 2013)


Jun-Dai and Lucía at the BFI/Odeon IMAX at 9:00 on 21 December 2013.

A visual spectacle that I’m glad I saw in the IMAX theatre. The film does an impressive job of capturing the terror of being in space when things go wrong, and it’s the most convincing film about the experience of being in space that I recall seeing. That said, the film isn’t really that interesting as a story. Certainly Sandra Bullock and George Clooney do well with the parts they have, but their characters are a bit shallow, each defined largely around a single characteristic (Clooney’s Kowalski is on his last spacewalk and gives the impression that he won’t have much to live for when the spacewalk is done. Bullock’s Stone is a lonely woman who has never recovered from her daughter’s accidental death).

The plot is ridiculous, but the effects and the tension were more than sufficient to keep me engaged to the end. But it didn’t leave me with a lot to think about afterwards, other than trying to figure out which details were more plausible than others.

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