Equilibrium (Kurt Wimmer, 2002)


Jun-Dai and Lucía at home on 24 August 2013.

I have no idea how this got into our queue. The film basically feels like an Ayn Rand novel filmed on the sets of Metropolis with action stylings cheaply ripped off of The Matrix. It’s kind of what you’d expect to find if you were channel surfing on cable at two in the morning. It makes pretty much no sense, the only thing worse than the dialogue is the acting, and any attempts to draw emotional responses fall totally flat, which makes me glad that the filmmakers didn’t try any harder than they did. The tropes are so ridiculously played out that it almost felt like comedy. Almost.

Having said all that, it’s pretty much exactly the sort of movie we were in the mood for at two in the morning on a Saturday night.

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