In-between films

Some films I’ve watched recently:

Olympus Has Fallen
Jun-Dai and Lucía on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean.
A terrible movie in kind of an awesome way. Perfect for watching on a plane.

You Were Like A Wild Chrysanthemum (Keisuke Kinoshita, 1955)
Jun-Dai, Lucía, and Ben on Hulu+.
Most of the story is reminiscences within a larger frame story, and the reminiscences were all windowboxed with white borders, which was kind of annoying. The story is a bit simplistic and a bit mawkish, but the setting and scenery (lots of on-location shooting) were interesting enough to keep my attention. The film is very much dripping with nostalgia, one feels a yearning for a simpler time. At the same time it is very critical of old-fashioned values and prejudgements and the tragedy they can bring about.

World War Z
Jun-Dai, Lucía, and Ben at the Sundance Kabuki.
Fun at first, but gets pretty stupid fairly quickly. Actually, it started out stupid, but at least it was fun.

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