This blog chronicles events of note in the lives of Lucía and Jun-Dai. In particular, Jun-Dai strives to write an entry for every film he watches and book he reads (he doesn’t read much), and Lucía tries to kill time (and almost succeeded twice).

We’re in London now, trying to figure out what to do with ourselves.
We are in a high-rise next to Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, hoping to see the sun again someday soon.
Other than the occasional opera at the Met, our talented friends’ improv shows, and staying up really, really late; we aren’t taking good advantage of living in New York City.
We’re living just off Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, making Sunday pilgrimages to Bakesale Betty for fried chicken sandwiches, to Article Pract for yarn, and to the Temescal Farmers’ Market for Blue Bottle Coffee, flowers and fresh food.
Most of the time, we are working at Purico on love hotel hill in Shibuya, Tokyo, but most nights we manage to catch the last train back to Setagaya, Tokyo. But we are San Franciscans at heart.

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  1. Jun-Dai, our emails to you (at chaumurkey(dot)net) have been returned. You’re now at Expedia and living in London (I think), but we would love to have correct contact information for you (home and work). Many thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    Yours from Annandale,

    Anne Canzonetti ’84
    Office of Alumni/ae Affairs
    Bard College

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